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Grandma Coco's Monkey Bread is so soft and buttery. It is baked in a bundt pan and the sections just pull apart. It's a simple bread recipe and a real crowd pleaser. Grandma Coco always serves her monkey bread on holidays and special occasion. This recipe is a must try!


  1. Posted by okieqt, — Reply

    I don’t know what that is - I’m sure it’s delicious - but it isn’t monkey bread. Monkey bread has balls of dough rolled in cinnamon sugar, etc. then baked in a bundt

  2. Posted by slcliving, — Reply

    Oh hell be respectful. If grandma Coco say's it's monkey bread. It's monkey bread. O.k. Just in a different shape. Thanks grandma Coco.

  3. Posted by tjgljohnson, — Reply

    New Spin on dinner rolls! I didn’t have a bunt pan so I made 2 loafs in a casserole dish and it turned out really pretty and tasted great. My kids loved the layers

  4. Posted by audrey_emett, — Reply

    My mother in law makes this but she adds some kinds of herbs and calls hers herb bread. I’ve tried to get her recipe but she somehow always doesn’t give it too me.😂 The herbs make it a wonderful alternative. Can’t wait to try this and experiment with some herbs.

  5. Posted by carrie_grace20, — Reply

    This isnt monkey bread! It's made in a bunt pan like monkey bread, but monkey bread has a sticky, gooey, yummy glaze that's poured over the top before baking! Not saying your bread doesnt look and taste wonderful, just saying, it's not traditional monkey bread.

  6. Posted by malvey, — Reply

    Monkey bread refers to the way it is put together in the pan main small amounts if dough. It can be savory or sweet

  7. Posted by kathynewte, — Reply

    Been making these for years with buttermilk biscuits dipped in butter and cook at 350 for 20 minutes. Yum

  8. Posted by kendralovesneil, — Reply

    Depends on where your from. My grandma makes something similar to this and it’s called monkey bread.

  9. Posted by marianamorenoxo, — Reply

    I made it last night and it was a total success it’s literally so good especially fresh out of the oven

  10. Posted by mayamac2, — Reply

    i made this and the bread was so light and fluffy my family of 4 including myself ate it so quickly

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